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Weight Loss Program Warning 

You must never combine any other weight loss medication with the medication that you are prescribed. If you have any interactions, please call our office immediately. If you have a reaction to the medication or injections, please go to the nearest emergency room or contact your primary care physician.


Please notify our physician if you are taking any other medication. If you do not disclose your medications to our physician, then we will assume you are not taking any additional medications.



Do not share any of your medications with family members or friends. This can be extremely dangerous and is against the rules of our practice. Severe side effects from these medications can be fatal to persons with certain medical conditions. Keep in mind that some people are not aware of all medical conditions.


Any surgeries that you may have during the course of our weight loss program can affect your ability to continue the program. Please contact our physician when you are scheduled for any surgeries. Any surgery that involves general anesthesia requires that you discontinue the appetite suppressants three weeks prior to the surgery.


It is very important to us that your program is followed safely and that all of our instructions are implemented in your program. The success of your program depends on it.


We are extremely honored that you chose us for your weight loss program, and we are committed to providing you the counseling, guidance and support you need to achieve your goals.