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Your Path to Better Health!

Tampa Bay’s Premier Weight Loss Center & Spa!

We are the most affordable one-stop-shop to help you become the best version of yourself without breaking the bank or the hassle of traveling to multiple facilities. Achieve your final goal and maintain it with CHC Medical Weight Loss and Spa!

We understand that losing weight is only a portion of an end goal of living your best life.  CHC offers several services that coincide with Dr. Creighton’s medical weight loss plan to help your body adjust to losing weight quickly. CHC offers the top and most trusted technology to help sculpt your skin and contour your body as you lose weight. No more sagging skin or increase in cellulite as the pounds come off. Did you know that as we age, our hormones and weight change too? With these changes, problems with our skin can arise. Our medical experts offer multiple skin care services to help your face match your new body. Through our multiple body treatments and skin care services that are available to you as a patient, our staff will work hard to keep you satisfied throughout your journey to a new you!

Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Clara Creighton, M.D., and her highly trained medical team of APRN’s, PA’s, RN’s, and LPN’s will support you in building a healthier you! No matter what your health needs are, having the support of our team will keep you on the path to meeting and exceeding your health goals. We work together to connect you with the services you need. 

Body Sculpting

If you’ve worked hard to achieve major weight loss but are now left with loose, sagging skin, or if you have stubborn areas of fat that aren’t responding to dietary changes or exercise, you may be a candidate for our non-surgical body contouring treatments. Our body sculpting tools have been designed to eliminate fat cells using the latest technology in medicine by targeting and destroying fat cells without the use of surgery. 

Skin Care Treatments

We are pleased to offer a variety of skin care treatments designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. We address and treat all skin types, because we know that everyone has different skin. Our treatments are customized with your lifestyle in mind. We know that the appearance of your skin can dramatically affect the way you look and feel. Our skin care treatments are designed to stimulate your skin’s circulation, improve your skin’s texture, and bring out a more healthy, vibrant complexion. All our skin care treatments are performed by a licensed aesthetician under the supervision of Dr. Clara Creighton, M.D., medical director and board-certified practitioner. 

Your Key to Success

Our team of medical experts can assist you in becoming healthier, more lean, and better educated on the benefits of losing weight and having a normal body mass index (BMI). Our weight loss program includes FDA approved pharmaceuticals, behavior modification, nutrition counseling and an optional detoxification kit. 

We offer the latest technological options for weight loss success. It’s no secret that multiple health problems are caused from obesity. Help yourself, get healthy for life and start today!

For your convenience CHC Medical Weight Loss and Spa has extended hours and late evening appointments. Call us today to book your next appointment. 

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Nutritional guidance, vitamin and lipo/fat burning injections, RX appetite suppressants, supplements, and a body composition analysis at every visit are included in our weight loss program. Skin firming and fat cell reduction through body sculpting is also available to help the body to adjust to the quick loss of inches as you progress through the program.
Proactive Skin Health & Stabilization

Proactive Skin Health & Stabilization

Once you have reached your goal weight, we teach you how to stay there. Certain foods may be added back into your daily diet plan. Appetite suppressants, supplements and injections can be continued if needed.


We provide you support well after you reach your goals. It's our promise to make sure that you continue to eat healthy and maintain your new lifestyle changes.

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Contact us using the form or call us at 813-915-8666 to schedule an appointment to discuss your weight loss goals.

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